Case Studies

1. The Product A platform for banks and mobile operators to provide for a 360 degrees solution for financial account management on mobile channels for both business customers and private customers.
2. The Challenge How to bring a winning solution and turn Gamelto into an industry leader? The mobile finance field has been marked in the past 5 years as holding a great promise for igniting a revolution in b-2-c solutions. However, the adoption process on behalf of the consumers has impeded turning the vision into reality. We were facing the following 4 main challenges at the project’s outset:
  • Creation of a product solution that enables swift adoption among clients?
  • Creation of a an optimal interface with the three chosen target audiences – banks, mobile operators, businesses and private customers?
  • Creation of  a friendly solution that will package the numerous opportunities available on the platform in an adequate and modular way? This solution should be used by different types of consumers in different countries – be they developed or developing.
  • How to create an infrastructure that will also be suitable for future developments Services
3. The Solution when you want to start a revolution, make sure the public is with you. When we began our journey, the field of activity was taking its first steps. There were no proven success stories to learn from, and the rapidly changing usability patterns of the consumers were also causing confusion regarding the right action strategy We started with a comprehensive learning process of the system We met with the product team and consulted with them, learned together with the sales department about the different needs of the various target audiences, and investigated their habits and usage patterns. We then moved to contemplating whether we can make their dealings more effective by using a mobile platform. We created several alternatives, examined them in collaboration with the product and sales teams; tested several situations trying to decide what works best, and mostly tried to figure out what will be the critical elements for a successful implementation and rapid adoption. The research process taught us that the system is not sufficiently intuitive: it was difficult for users to understand how to operate the different functions. We realized that the system adds complexity to simple actions and does not invite users to experiment and self-discover its varied functionalities. Guided by these insights, we went back to a series of discussions at the client’s offices – and finally began developing a more adequate answer solution.
4. Decoding / Strategy - when you truly understand the problem, the solution reveals itself to you At this point we set out to re-conceptualize the system, placing the consumer at the center. We rebuilt the information architecture and created a new functionality enabling the client to receive an added value from the system and turn it into a unique work tool. We shortened the action funnels, disassembled and reassembled different processes, created clear expressions of the various processes and surfaced varied information enabling the consumers to reach an optimal decision. We went through this process for each of the target audiences - the bank / mobile operators, the business and the private consumers. We then moved to design  a clean and progressive design concept, calling the user’s attention to the most important information While enabling each bank or mobile operator to easily make changes and adapt the design to their specific needs. Now, the product is finally ready to take over the world. At the CARTE 2011 exhibition- the largest exhibition for the banking & financing industries -the product took center stage, setting new standards for financial platforms.
stage 4
5. The Happy End: This is How a Satisfied Client Looks Like The product at the beginning of the process wasn’t attractive enough for potential clients. Since the upgrade, two giant clients from the US have started working with the company, and the product will be of service to tens of millions of people.